Welcome to Self Yoga! We welcome you here, as we would in our studio: with open arms and open hearts… Namaste

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Self Yoga wants to be at your side for your journey towards self-awareness, towards Spirituality, towards your Essence. We will guide you to a sublime path, full of naturalness, detachment, sensitivity that is, however, anchored in the present, beyond any false identifications with anything ephemeral. 

I will accompany you on your path to knowledge… the knowing of the “I am…” beyond the name, the attributes and the labels.

We will practice yoga and at the same time assimilate elements bringing clarity, discernment, freedom from prejudice, the concept of unity, of non-duality.

Sat Nam… Sat Nam…Sat Nam…



Maybe you would like to talk to us?!

Just in case you do, you can always reach our main instructor and manager, Simona, at

simona [at] selfyoga.yoga.

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